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A Sparkling Collaboration for Pride 2024

Hot off the press, Hinckley Pride is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the town’s newest hotspot, The Electric Chapel. This alliance promises to bring an electrifying energy to Hinckley Pride 2024, marking a significant milestone in the town's celebration of diversity and inclusion.

The Electric Chapel, Hinckley’s first and only LGBTQ+ bar, has already captured the hearts of the community with its vibrant atmosphere and unwavering commitment to equality. Now, they’re set to take their support to the next level by joining forces with Hinckley Pride, not only through generous financial contributions but also by offering their venue for Pride events and meetings.

Owners Charlie and Dan, the dynamic duo behind The Electric Chapel, are going above and beyond. Their dedication extends beyond business, as they volunteered their personal time with Pride 2023 and beyond to ensure the success of Hinckley Pride's future. This makes our collaboration an easy fit, knowing as a team they want whats best for our community.

Dan Hope, Chair of Hinckley Pride, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“We couldn’t be more happy to partner with The Electric Chapel. Their support is more than financial—it’s a shared vision of a vibrant, inclusive community. We hope this collaboration will set the stage for many more years of mutual support and celebration.”

Charlie, co-owner of The Electric Chapel, expresses his exhilaration:

“We are beyond excited to support Hinckley Pride and can’t wait to see The Electric Chapel flying the Pride flag this summer. This partnership is a dream come true, and we’re committed to making this year’s Pride the best one yet!”

Together, Hinckley Pride and The Electric Chapel are set to create an unforgettable celebration of love, acceptance, and unity. Stay tuned for an array of exciting events, community gatherings, and unforgettable moments as we gear up for Hinckley Pride 2024.

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