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Camp as Christmas: A Jolly Good Time in Hinckley

Ho, ho, ho! What's that sound? It's the echo of laughter and cheer from the most epic holiday bash this side of the rainbow - the Camp as Christmas Party for Hinckley Pride. If you missed it, buckle up buttercup, because we're about to take a sleigh ride down memory lane!


First stop, the Rainbow Singers. These folks didn't just sing; they belted out tunes so catchy, even the Grinch would've tapped his foot. They were like a box of Quality Street chocolates - full of variety and impossible to resist.


Next up, the queen of the night, Miss Hope Floats. She was like a Christmas cracker - full of surprises and guaranteed to make you smile. Her fun and games had everyone on their toes, and one lucky guest even walked away with a £100 cash prize. Talk about a Christmas miracle!


This wasn't just a party; it was a celebration of love, acceptance, and all things sparkly. It was a chance for us to swap our everyday shoes for dancing ones, to let our hair down (or put it up, if that's your thing), and to be unapologetically ourselves.

member and party attendant Dan Bloore said,

"Attending the Camp as Christmas Party was like stepping into a world where love outshines everything else. It was a night of laughter, acceptance, and pure joy. As a committee member, I couldn't be prouder of what we achieved. But as a member of the queer community, I felt at home. And that's the true magic of Christmas—feeling at home wherever you are."

So here's to a night that was as campy as a row of tents, as merry as Santa himself, and as unforgettable as that time Rudolph led the sleigh. Until next year, keep your tinsel untangled, your baubles shiny, and your spirits high. After all, every day is a good day to be fabulous!

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