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Connecting with our Community

The importance of local outreach cannot be overstated. It plays a crucial role in strengthening communities and building relationships with individuals who live and work nearby. By engaging in local outreach, businesses, organisations, and even individuals can contribute to the overall well-being and development of their own neighbourhoods.

Over the past few weeks, we have been out and about around the borough raising much-needed awareness for Hinckley Pride and the queer community, including attending local business networking groups, a stall on our town market, a float in the local carnival and a coffee morning in the town's chapel. This allowed us to truly connect with our community and allies in a way that had never been done before locally.

Committee member Dan B said,

It was so heart warming to speak to people who, if it weren’t for Pride, I wouldn’t know. Connecting as a queer community locally means so much, and to see the difference Hinckley Pride is making makes me feel so proud

These outreach days have also allowed Hinckley Pride to continue fundraising and sell official Hinckley Pride merchandise, which helps fund our future events. To keep up to date with our upcoming events, either sign up for our newsletter or follows us on social media @hinckleypride

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