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Let’s Get Quizzical

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

On May 18th, Hinckley Pride held its first ‘Pride Pub Quiz’ in the gorgeous Bond Street Distillery hosted by the gorgeous Hope Floats and Miss Ruby V. A fun-filled evening full of audience interactions, banter and jokes, with a few quiz questions thrown in for good measure.

Committee member Dan B said,

“Last night’s quiz filled me with so much happiness. Many teams were made of duos or solo quizzers, and it melted my heart to see them mingle and bond. It is precisely what Hinckley Pride is all about, creating a safe space, and bringing the community together whilst having a gay ol’ time!”

In addition to members of the queer community, the team included some of our corporate sponsors, including Maple Fleet Services Dayle Lusty, said;

"My team had such a lovely time at Hinckley Prides Pub Quiz. Queens Hope Floats and Ruby V were the perfect hosts who had us all laughing out loud all night long! Quizzers beware… My knowledge recall started slipping after BSD Gin number 3!”

Dan B adds,

“Hosted by the amazing Hope Floats and Miss Ruby, it was an evening of camp, quizzing and fun, which is exactly what is needed for Hinckley, and gives a taster of Pride in the Park… I can’t wait!”

Through the generosity of our attendees, we raised £440 towards our fundraising, we could be more grateful. Due to high demand, we will hold another quiz for Pride Month on June 29th, 2023! Tickers are selling fast, so grab yours before it’s too late! Follow the link below….

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