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You’re a Winner, Baby!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

One of our main goals for Hinckley Pride is to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community living in the Hinckley and Bosworth borough and local areas. Visibility is key to normalising queer lives locally and also providing much-needed education.

Our first public outing came in the form of a Christmas Tree Festival. A week-long event hosted by St Mary’s Church in Hinckley saw over 40 local schools, charities, and organisations compete in a Christmas tree decorating competition.

We were pleased to know that not only would St Mary’s accept an application from an LGBTQ+ organisation but welcome us with open arms. Committee member and tree decorator Sian said,

“Putting our tree up at St. Mary’s was a lovely experience, meeting the congregation and being welcomed by the lovely Vicar! Celebrating Christmas, acceptance and love was a real tonic when it was cold and dark outside!”

Members of the committee and our wider community worked hard to create a wide range of handcrafted Christmas decorations to adorn the tree. This included baubles in the style of pride flags, queer slogans, rainbow hearts and more. The tree was a colour explosion and was as wonderfully vibrant as our community. Topped with a custom-made non-binary angle, the tree stood over seven feet tall.

Chairperson Daniel, who proposed the idea of entering the festival, said,

“I have always visited the Tree Festival, so when the application opened I knew we had to enter. The tree became a beautiful representation of our community. To have this so visual, amongst many other beloved and iconic local organisations, makes me feel beyond proud. The time and effort spent by our community crafting the decorations has blown me away, and the results speak for themselves.”

With over 40 trees, it was stiff competition. But… WE WON!!! Our Pride tree won, with a landslide victory, showing that themes of love, acceptance and kindness win.

Daniel adds,

“To enter and be accepted is one thing, to win… speechless. Thanks to everyone who supported and voted for our tree. It means so much to our community to not only be seen but championed”

Decorations from the tree are now on sale for a donation to help raise awareness and funds for Pride 2023. Contact the team today!

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